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Best Website Wireframe Tools to Test Your Designs

Website Wireframe

A website wireframe is also known as a page schematic or screen blueprint. It's a visual guide that shows the framework of a website. The goal of wireframes is to arrange elements to accomplish a purpose. It was created in 1982 by Harvard student L. te Pas. A wireframe is an essential tool that helps create an excellent experience for the users while creating a digital product. In simpler words, wireframes works as blueprints for a site. Website wireframes tools are essential for designing as it saves times and makes interactive wireframing and high-fidelity interactions.

Best Website Wireframes Tool To Test Your Designs

Each wireframe tool has distinctive features. But has a common goal of creating more user experience designs. Read the article to know about the best website wireframe tools.

1. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is an excellent website wireframing tool. It allows wireframing, prototyping, and sharing experience for the website, mobile, and voice. It provides an allowance to all assets at the same place and eliminates manual activity. Moreover, it creates excellent experiences that are flexible for any screen size. And it integrates effortlessly with UserTesting platforms.

  • It provides High-fidelity interactions.
  • It allows integration with the other Adobe products.
  • It provides Real-time viewing, commenting, and sharing capabilities.
  • Pricing: Free to $23/month

2. InVision 

InVision is the best website wireframe tools to test designs. It makes it easy to create interactive wireframes and prototypes. You need to upload static screenshots to generate wireframes that users can easily understand and interact with. This app runs only on the web and works to simplify the workflow between the team fore while designing.

  • It makes interactive wireframes that allow iteration.
  • It offers effortless communication and gathers feedback.
  • It provides Compatibility with the most popular graphics file formats.
  • Pricing: Free to $100/month

3. Sketch

The sketch is a top-notch website wireframe tools to test designs. In the beginning, it was a vector graphic editor app. But now, it serves to assist wireframing and prototyping. Its most popular software makes it an excellent resource for collaboration. Its have great features and costs less than other editors. 

4. Figma

Web developers suggest Figma as the best website wireframe tools for all the design needs. Figma is a web-based tool that creates mockups, interaction animation, and prototypes. Even much well-known design company uses Figma as a designing component. 

Figma offers accessibility and collaboration features.

  • It's flexible to iterate and produce deliverables
  • It can build prototypes and tests.
  • It offers Smooth handoff to developers.
  • It provides improvement with plugins.
  • Pricing: Free to $45/month. Some plans are available with annual pricing only.

5. Balsamiq

Balsamiq is a great website wireframe tools for design testing. It creates mockups that are essential elements for wireframing. 

  • It allows quick wireframing. 
  • It has a minimal learning curve with powerful technology
  • It has a drag and drops feature.
  • Pricing: $9-$199/month, discounts for annual subscriptions


There are many website wireframe tools for professional website designers available in the market for designing. But it's essential to choose the right tool for the designing process. So take your time and evaluate before deciding. I hope you enjoyed the article.


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